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Advance & Review is a blog dedicated to chronicling the excess amount of time spent by the authors playing Grand Strategy Games (GSG). By writing these AARs, it is as if becoming a historian for your own alternate history.

Posting Schedule
Monday – White Russians Bleed Red (Wolfe)
Tuesday – Historical Vignette (A&R Staff)
Wednesday – Imperial Ambitions (Forrestal)
Thursday – Historical Vignette (A&R Staff)
Friday – A House of Blood (Winter)

About the Authors

Wolfe is a history major student at a Canadian Maple League university. He writes about history from the turn of the 20th century to the end of the decolonial period, and with a focus on Canadian military history. Partial to rum and cokes.

Forrestal is a history graduate from an prestigious East Coast university in the United States. He writes about the Second World War, as well as a focus on naval military history. He is a not so casual partaker in binge drinking.

Winter is a politics and government graduate from a Canadian Maple League university and writes about medieval history with a Northern and Western European focus. Also enjoys long walks on the beach and gin.

Hill is a classics major at a Canadian Maple League university. He writes about military history, with a focus on the mechanization of warfare during WWII as well as tactics at the platoon and company level. A fan of pale ales and drinking too much on a Tuesday morning, he has more guns than an Arizona border militia.

Millett is a Physics major at a distinguished public University in the American Midwest. He writes on history and weapons technology, preferably small arms. Prefers hard ciders and moonshine. He also doubles as the A&R Community Manager.