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Advance & Review is a blog dedicated to chronicling the excess amount of time spent by the authors playing Grand Strategy Games (GSG). By writing these AARs, it is as if becoming a historian for your own alternate history.

Posting Schedule
Monday – White Russians Bleed Red (Wolfe)
Tuesday – Historical Vignette (A&R Staff)
Wednesday – Imperial Ambitions (Forrestal)
Thursday – Historical Vignette (A&R Staff)
Friday – A House of Blood (Winter)

About the Authors

Wolfe is a history major student at a Canadian Maple League university. He writes about history from the turn of the 20th century to the end of the decolonial period, and with a focus on Canadian military history. Partial to rum and cokes.

Forrestal is a history graduate from an prestigious East Coast university in the United States. He writes about the Second World War, as well as a focus on naval military history. He is a not so casual partaker in binge drinking.

Winter is a politics and government graduate from a Canadian Maple League university and writes about medieval history with a Northern and Western European focus. Also enjoys long walks on the beach and gin.

Hill is a classics major at a Canadian Maple League university. He writes about military history, with a focus on the mechanization of warfare during WWII as well as tactics at the platoon and company level. A fan of pale ales and drinking too much on a Tuesday morning, he has more guns than an Arizona border militia.

Millett is a Physics major at a distinguished public University in the American Midwest. He writes on history and weapons technology, preferably small arms. Prefers hard ciders and moonshine. He also doubles as the A&R Community Manager.

Gromov is a Modern History major at one of the Ancient Universities of Scotland. He writes on Military History, focusing WWII and the Cold War, especially the Soviet Union, at the Operational-Strategic level. A fan of Pineau de Charentes and fine Scotch, he spends his time wearing DPM and pining for an SLR.

Mahan is an Aeronautical Engineering Major at a prestigious engineering university in Upstate New York, and previously studied Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at one of the top three universities in the world in that field. He writes on the technical and operational evolution of the US Navy, armored vehicles, small arms, aircraft, and personal equipment from 1900 to the present day, and on modern aircraft development. He also shoots competitively and drinks water from musty canteens through a gas mask.