AAR – A House of Blood Chapter 13: The Transition Years


Chapter 13: The Transition Years

20170604221904_1Colony Complete:

The Colony in Oldstones has finally been complete. Lord Paramount Ender Bloodbranch has claimed the territory as his own, increasing his demesne from simply Harrenhal to the two provinces. This continues his re-establishment and expansion of the Riverlands. Lord Paramount Bloodbranch has expanded his influence into the Crownlands, gaining power over other Lord Paramounts through a large army.

20170604222826_1Lord Paramount Ender Dead:

Lord Paramount Ender has died and as a consequence his nephew, Lord Lennocks Bloodbranch has taken the throne of the Trident. This is the first Lord Bloodbranch with a name that does not start with the traditional ‘E’. He is now in control of the entire Bloodbranch family at the age of 5 years old. His mother will rule as his regent until he is of age.

20170604223811_120170604223818_1King Monford Dies, House Bloodbranch Benefits:

The Seven Kingdoms mourns the death of King Monford. He died after decades ruling the Seven Kingdoms, decades mostly remembered for unification and few civil wars. His heir now King Morros has risen to rule the Iron Throne. House Bloodbranch is ecstatic since Lord Paramount Lennocks is betrothed to King Morros’ oldest daughter, and barring the birth of a son, Lord Paramount Lennock’s future son will inherit the Iron Throne as a Bloodbranch.

20170624223019_1The Quick War:

Lord Mance II of Duskendale has declared war against the rule of Lord Paramount Lennocks. This move was not supported by the rest of the Riverlands, meaning Lord Mance II will likely be crushed by the combined the forces of the Trident. However, upon a Wildling revolt, the war ended as the forces of the Riverlands marched north to help crush the Wildling army. The Lordship of Duskendale remains part of the Trident for now, until Lord Mance II decides to declare war again.

20170624223329_1New Lords of the Reach:

While the lords of the Trident were marred in a breif civil war, the Lord Paramouncy of the Reach changed hands to House Peake. House Peake usurped the previous Lord Paramounts House Tyrell. This is the first time in centuries that House Tyrell no longer rules the Reach, as more kingdoms switch historical leaders.

20170624224535_1Lord Edmyn Bloodbranch:

Lord Paramount Lennocks has a brother who is his heir while he remains childless. Lord Edmyn takes after the early leaders of his family as he seems to have giant’s blood resulting in great size and strength. He will surely be an excellent military leader in the future.

20170624225035_1The Bloodbranch Household Guard:

Lord Paramount Lennocks has decided to establish a Household guard to ensure the security of the leaders of the family. Furthermore, the Household guard will wear the Bloodbranch family sigil of the black tree with blood red leaves on their breastplate and on their shields.


A deserter from the wall has been located in Harrenhal. It now comes to Lord Paramount Lennocks to decide his fate. Lord Paramount Lennocks has decided to behead the deserter, ensuring the tradition of executing deserters of the Nights Watch ensuring the maintenance of the institution.

20170624231249_1Treachery from the Throne:

Lord Paramount Lennocks Bloodbranch and his House is furious after King Morros has decided to break the betrothal of Lennocks and Princess Delena. As a consequence, House Bloodbranch no longer is in line to take over the Iron Throne, and House Bloodbranch is no longer to marry into the Royal family. House Bloodbranch silently accepted the decision of the King, surely planning retribution.

20170624233707_1House Swyft, Lords of the Westerlands:

House Lannister has once again lost the Lord Paramouncy of the Westerlands. House Swyft now rules the Westerlands after usurping the power of the Lannisters. The Lannisters in recent decades have alternated control of the Westerlands with House Crakehall and House Swyft. The political turmoil in the Westerlands has resulted in the weakening of the Westerlands politically in the Seven Kingdoms.




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