AAR – A House of Blood Chapter 12: The Bloodbranch Future



Chapter 12: The Bloodbranch Future

20170602213945_1 Lady Paramount Elle re-unites the Riverlands

Lady Paramount Elle Bloodbranch has won the De Jure war over the lordship of the province of Castlewood. The province had become the vassal of the Stormlands when the line of inheritance changed from the Trident to the Stormlands. This move has helped expand he power over the Riverlands and deter any more rebellions.

20170602214918_1The Colony in Oldstones Improves

The Colony in Oldstones, which was created and funded by House Bloodbranch, has become more established. This is another step in Lady Paramount Elle’s attempt to expand her power in the Trident.

20170602215356_1Another Execution:

Following the war for Castlewood the Lord of Castlewood was executed for raising arms against House Bloodbranch. In an interesting move, Lady Paramount has decided not to execute him herself instead electing to hang him. This is a departure from her family tradition of executing the leaders of rebellions personally via beheading.

20170602221741_1The Bastard Lord

Lady Paramount Elle has died after a period of illness took her. Her bastard son, now Lord Paramount Ender Bloodbranch will inherit the Trident. In the past couple years, Lord Paramount Ender had been given the lordship of Blackrush in order to prepare him for the eventual rule of the entirety of the Riverlands. Lord Paramount Ender is the bastard child of Elle Bloodbranch and Forrest Bloodbranch. He is of pure Bloodbranch heritage and a formidable fighter, one of the best in the realm.

20170602222406_1Oldstones in Danger:

The Colony in Oldstones is at risk as a famine has struck the province threatening those who live there with starvation. Lord Paramount Ender has sent supplies in order to help them survive the famine at great cost to himself. Clearly he shares his mother’s vision of a strong province where there was once ruin.

20170602222406_1Ender Bloodbranch Chief General of the Iron Throne:

Due to his military prowess and his strength in personal combat, King Monford Baratheon has seen fit to ask Lord Paramount Ender to become the Chief General of the Iron Throne. This would mean he would move to Kings Landing to lead and train the troops there; and furthermore, would alienate him from his vassals in the Trident while simultaneously gaining more political friendships.

20170602222607_1The War for Seagard:

Following Seagard’s declaration of independence from the Trident during the reign of Lady Paramount Elle, Lord Paramount Ender has decided Seagard had spent too much time as an independent High Lordship and it was time to return to the Trident. The Lord of Seagard rebelled, but the military strength and prowess of Lord Paramount Ender was too much for the rebellion, easily crushing their armies in the field and sieging their capital. Seagard is once more part of the Trident.

20170602223100_120170602223534_1A War for Unification:

Lord Paramount Ender is at war once more. This time, rather than asking his vassals to raise their levies, Lord Ender decided he could crush the forces of Acorn Hall with his own forces. Lord Ender pushed the claim of Lord Torrence in order to return Acorn Hall to his realm. Lord Ender eventually won the war and has proceeded to re-unify the Trident after Lady Elle lost multiple provinces through inheritance problems.

20170602225238_1Evil in Harrenhal:

Once again the Bloodbranch family has decided to mix the blood of their prisoners into the mortar of their castle. Lord Paramount Ender decided to take his prisoners and execute them by slitting their throats and mixing their blood into the mortar. It is believed that Old King Harren mixed blood into the mortar and the only way to relieve the curse of Harrenhal is to do the same.

20170602225754_1Oldstones in Jeopardy Again:

The Colony of Oldstones is in jeopardy is once again at risk as it has once again a lack of food. This famine has struck and once again House Bloodbranch has sent money to Oldstones once more to help relieve the threat of a collapse of the colony.

20170602230139_1The River King:

During the restoration of Oldstones excavators found an old chest in the ruins. It was brought before Lord Paramount Ender and he immediately recognised the treasure inside as the crown of House Mudd known as the crown of the River Kings. Lord Paramount Ender immediately realised it was a sign from the father that he was to wear the crown and be declared the River King of the Trident.

20170602230421_1A New Bloodbranch:

Lord Paramount Ender’s sister has had a son named Lennocks Bloodbranch. Lennocks is now the next in line for the throne of Harrenhal and the Trident since Lord Paramount Ender has yet to have a child and seems uninterested in his wife. Should Lennocks remain the heir, he would be the first head of the Bloodbranch family to not possess a name with the traditional name that begins with ‘E’. Based on the importance of tradition in the Bloodbranch family, Lennocks may consider changing his name.

20170602232303_1The Future of House Bloodbranch:

The future of House Bloodbranch is an alliance with the Royal House Baratheon. Lord Paramount Ender married his nephew Lennocks into the Baratheon family in hopes of increasing both his political influence and his House’s prestige. Should the marriage occur, this could move the Bloodbranch family closer to the Iron Throne.




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