AAR – A House of Blood Chapter 10: Lady Paramount Elle Bloodbranch


Chapter 10: Lady Paramount Elle Bloodbranch


20170501224809_1A New Royal Family in Dorne:

Following the uprising that threatened the rule of Queen Scolera, the Queen has removed the lands of Dorne from House Martell. She has instead decided to name House Dayne as the new royal family in Dorne, and given the rule of Dorne to the Prince Daeron Dayne. May his reign be blessed.

20170507124229_1Lord Paramount Eryn the Merciless:

While rebuilding Harrenhal castle, Lord Eryn II has become privy to a secret that his ancestors kept silent. The castle of Harrenhal was built with blood in the mortar. Should the family wish to lift the curse which has plagued their dynasty for generations, they must rebuild the castle with blood in the mortar. Following the Riverlander civil war, House Bloodbranch has many prisoner. Lord Paramount Eryn made the decision to round up the prisoners, slit their throats, collect their blood, and mix it into the mortar. The curse of Harrenhal has made many rulers crazy, but this massacre may top the list.

20170507124649_1Queen Scolera the Great Dies:

Queen Scolera the Great had died in the Red Keep in Kingslanding. Her rule, marred by rebellion will be remembered for her military prowess and her ability to re-unite six of the Seven Kingdoms under the Iron Throne. Her rule was a ruthless one, as she executed her foes and removed those who opposed her rule from power. She re-shuffled the political map in Westeros, and the entire continent will feel the effects of such a change in the coming centuries. Her heir, now King Narbert Baratheon, will rule the Seven Kingdoms as the one true King.

20170507125318_1Lord Paramount Eryn the Insane:

Lord Paramout Eryn Bloodbranch II has taken it upon himself to ensure the task of rebuilding Harrenhal and destroying the curse that has killed so many of his family members. The very curse he blames for killing his brother, and putting him in command of the Harrenhal armies. Frustrated with little change in the rebuilding process, Lord Eryn believed that in order to lift the curse, House Bloodbranch’s blood must be mixed into the mortar. Unwilling to kill his family members, Lord Eryn wounded himself in an attempt to mix his own blood into the castle. The lengths to which Lord Eryn will go to lift the curse seem extreme, should his behaviour escalate none in Harrenhal will be safe.

20170507132348_1King Eryn Bloodbranch:

With Westeros at war, Lord Paramount Eryn Bloodbranch II and many other lord paramounts have decided to remain neutral while the Iron Throne sends its armies into Essos. The King, though unhappy about his vassals disobedience accepts their neutrality for the remainder of the war. Consequently, Houses Crakehall, Florent, Bloodbranch, and Stark all become Kings of their respective lands until the point in which the Iron Throne ends its war. Though a technicality, King Eryn Bloodbranch is the first Bloodbranch to hold the title King. Truly a feat to be proud of, especially in a family as ambitious as House Bloodbranch.

20170507131253_1House Bloodbranch: Lords of the Trident

Following the suspicious death of his wife, Lady Paramount Amyra Middlebury, Lord Eryn Bloodbranch II will see his daughter, and as a result, his house, sit on the throne of the Riverlands. Following generations of rule in Harrenhal and through political manoeuvring, House Bloodbranch now rules the Trident.

20170507132601_1Lord Eryn the Mad:

Despite his daughter ruling the Trident, Lord Eryn II has become depressed. With his wife dead, and his inability to speed up the rebuilding of Harrenhal and the lifting of the curse, Lord Eryn has found it difficult to sleep and no longer enjoys life. Some say he is driven made by the whispers in the gigantic castles, some say he has been bleeding himself in the castle in order to mix his blood with the stone. Whatever the case, these are dark times for House Bloodbranch.

20170507133003_1Lady Paramount Elle the Young:

Lord Eryn II has died in Harrenhal of poor health. A sad man, Lord Eryn II was plagued with an obsession to lift the curse that plagued his family and repair the castle that remains ruinous. His only child, Lady Paramount Elle Bloodbranch inherits his lands at age eleven. At age eleven, the child must now rule not only Harrenhal, but the whole of the Trident without both of her parents. May her reign be blessed.

20170507133157_1Controversy in the Riverlands:

The seat of power in the Riverlands has moved. Following the death of her father and her inheritance of Harrenhal, Lady Paramount Elle Bloodrbranch has moved the court of the Trident to Harrenhal. This is the first time the throne has been moved in a century, following the removal of House Tully from command of the Trident due to multiple rebellions against the king at the time King Robert Baratheon I. Now the seat of power rests in the haunted castle; however, Lady Paramount Elle does not share her father’s obsession and does not seem as bothered by the curse that has decimated her family. Her kind demeanour also demonstrates a willingness to learn, and a willingness to grow to be a good leader.

20170507140744_1More Controversy in the Riverlands:

Master Harsley has claimed that Lady Paramount Elle the Young is not the heir to Harrenhal but instead is the child of an adulterous affair that her mother had. No proof has been given, simply the assertion that Lady Paramount Amyra was angered by the killing of her father and brother following the Harrenhal Rebellion. Despite the claim, Lady Elle does share some resemblance to Lord Eryn Bloodbranch, and as a result of such news, the Trident has been plunged into political debate regarding the legitimacy of Lady Paramount Elle.

20170507142906_1War in the Riverlands:

Lady Paramount Elle the Young has been plunged into her first armed conflict as half of the Trident has risen up in arms against her rule. House Frey and House Middlebury highlight the lords that have rebelled against the rule of House Bloodbranch. Lady Elle, like her Uncle Lord Elwood, has been trained thoroughly in combat and seems to have the mind of a commander, but will she be able to withstand the combined forces of the rebellion?

20170507143256_1The War Continues:

Lady Paramount Elle has marched north in an attempt to siege the twins and imprison the members of House Frey. She has managed to successfully do so, and while it has angered her foes and left her castle unprotected, she has gained political leverage over House Frey, the most prominent backer of her would-be usurper Lord Alyx Middlebury. She must quickly march her forces south before the large rebel army can mobilise and attack Harrenhal.

20170507210739_1Peace in the Trident:

Lady Paramount Elle the Young has won the war for Lord Alyx Middlebury’s claim on the Trident. The final battle was fought in Harrenhal as the rebel forces narrowly beat out Lady Elle’s armies to the castle. Just before the siege began, the garrison on the castle walls saw the Harrenhal army arrive and the battle began outside the castle. A massive battle raged for days, but slowly the forces of House Bloodbranch prevailed and pushed the armies of the rebels up against the walls of Harrenhal, slaughtering all in between them and their home. Lady Elle, who did not march with the armies, was seen on the ramparts of the castle commanding her archers to slaughter the rebels and leave none alive.

20170507210933_1Lady Paramount Elle’s First Execution:

Following the peace in the Trident, only one matter remained to ensure a lasting peace. The death of the would-be lord paramount. Lord Alyx Middlebury tried to usurp House Bloodbranch and as a result of his failure, was put in chains by Lady Paramount Elle. Like her ancestors before her, Lady Elle did not let the rebel leader live, and walked him out to the large courtyard of Harrenhal where the lords of the land were gathered. She unsheathed her family sword Glory for the first time, its golden hilt shimmering amidst the sunlight, and she beheaded the traitor. Lady Paramount Elle looked to her subjects and uttered the Bloodbranch motto: Death is King.









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