AAR – A House of Blood Chapter 9: The Harrenhal Rebellion


Chapter 9: The Harrenhal Rebellion

20170501213509_1The Harrenhal Rebellion:

Following the death of his father, Lord Elwood Bloodbranch has declared war against the rule of Lord Paramount Randyll Middlebury. Known for his military training, Lord Elwood will finally put his training to the test as he marches against the Lords of the Trident. Should Lord Elwood win the war, his brother in law Tristifer Middlebury will become Lord Paramount of the Trident.

20170501213515_120170501213610_1Harrenhal’s Army Grows:

Before the Harrenhal Army marches to the capital, they were greeted by two armies from the Riverlands who sympathise with the cause. More than 5000 Riverlanders have joined the cause and raised arms against the forces of Lord Paramount Randyll. This gives the armies of Lord Elwood a better chance as they are significantly outnumbered by the forces of the Trident.

20170501213733_120170501213716_1The Battle of Kingspyre Tower:

Westeros is shocked as before the Harrenhal armies could march, they were attacked in Harrenhal. Lord Elwood organised his troops in the Kingspyre tower of Harrenhal Castle and defended his home from the attacking troops successfully. During the battle, as the attacking troops penetrated the walls, Lord Elwood led a defending party to meet the attacking force while his brother Lord Eryn Bloodbranch maintained the defenses. Lord Edmund, commander of the Riverlander army led his attacking force in the rebels’ castle. As the forces crashed together in clanging steel and grunts of exertion, Lords Elwood and Edmund met each other in battle. Lord Elwood, a great swordsman, raised his sword as he began to fight. It was an unfair battle as Lord Elwood quickly overpowered his foe and as his enemy laid weaponless on the ground, he plunged his family sword glory into his chest until the golden hilt stopped the blade.

20170501213920_1The Battle of Smallwood:

Following the battle of Kingspyre tower and many small follow up battles the decisive battle of the Harrenhal rebellion was fought in Smallwood. Lord Elwood marched his forces to try and win the battle that would guarantee the removal of Lord Paramount Randyll Middlebury. Despite going into the war as the numerical underdog, Lord Elwood and his top commanders led the Harrenhal rebellion to the brink of victory. Lord Elwood marched for the first time in the war with the numerical advantage, but is aware that on the field of battle anything could happen. As the battle raged between the trunks of trees, it soon became clear that the battle was turning in favour of Harrenhal. Following the battle, the lords of the Riverlands await for the surrender of Lord Paramount Randyll.

20170501221216_120170501220755_1Lord Elwood the Tragic, Lord Paramount Eryn the Lucky:

Following the Surrender of Lord Randyll Middlebury he and his son Lord Tristifer have been imprisoned by Lord Elwood Bloodbranch. However, Lord Elwood known for his illness of stress died almost immediately after the war ended. Leaving no heirs born in his family, his brother, Lord Paramount Eryn Bloodbranch II has the duty of deciding the fates of the imprisoned. Lord Paramount Eryn II has been deemed the lucky as his rule began with a surprising turn of events that led to his wife, Lady Amyra Middlebury being declared Lady Paramount of the Trident.

Following the removal of Lord Paramount Randyll, his son Lord Paramount Tristifer Middlebury inherited the title. However, while imprisoned Lord Randyll requested trial by combat and named Lord Paramount Tristifer Middlebury as his champion. Lord Eryn II decided to agree to trial by combat and named his champion Jammos Bloodbranch. Lord Jammos, being a distant relative of the Bloodbranch dynasty, agreed and being well known for his ability with a blade, cut down the Lord Paramount and thus a verdict of guilty was given. Lady Amyra Middlebury became Lady Paramount, and Lord Eryn II became Lord Paramount. Furthermore, all children of the union will be of Bloodbranch descent. Meaning the next Lord or Lady of the Trident will be a Bloodbranch.

20170501222103_1The Execution of Lord Randyll:

Following the guilty verdict, and consequently the death of his son, Lord Randyll Middlebury has been removed from his cell for execution by beheading. Following in the footsteps of his ancestors, Lord Paramount Eryn II raised his sword Glory to the sky on a gloomy day in Harrenhal. As rain began to fall on the gathered spectators, Lord Paramount Eryn bellowed: “Death is King”, and sliced into the neck of Lord Randyll, thus ensuring no claim on the Kingdom of the Trident could be placed on the territory his children would inherit.

20170501225211_1A Bloodbranch Heir to the Trident:

Lady Paramount Amyra Middlebury has given birth to a Bloodbranch child. Lady Elle Bloodbranch, barring and sons, will become the first Bloodbranch to rule the Trident. Though born healthy she was born with a harelip and will have to live and rule with such a quality. Her father Eryn II has been seen as a placed holder lord as many subjects view his brother the late Lord Elwood as the true hero of the Harrenhal rebellion and view the goal of his rule as to simply die once his heir is ready to rule. Only time will tell what sort of rule Elle Bloodbranch will have, but it is certain that Lord Elwood Bloobranch sacrificed much in his short rule, including his life.




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