AAR – A House of Blood Chapter 8: Queen Scolera the Great


Chapter 8: Queen Scolera the Great

20170428010928_1Tying the Knot:

Though the inheritance of the Bloodbranch family dynasty is in the best position it has ever been in, Lord Ender II had been married to Lady Morya in hopes that they can provide another direct heir of their dynasty. Should they fail, another branch of the family will inherit rule of Harrenhal, but this branch has not been rulers of Harrenhal since the first or second generation of Bloodbranches. May the marriage of Lord Ender II and Lady Morya be happy and fruitful.

20170428011351_1The Lord becomes a Ser:

Lord Ender Bloodbranch II has become a knight upon coming of age. Through giving service to other knights as a sire, he was finally deemed able and fit enough to become a knight himself. He follows in the footsteps of his ancestors as nearly every male Bloodbranch ruler was a knight as well.

20170428011543_1Baratheon Betrayal:

Queen Scolera of the Iron Throne has declared war on the Stormlands following the declaration by Lord Paramount Lucas Baratheon that he was no longer a subject of the Iron Throne. Taking the title “Storm King” Lucas Baratheon is defending his newly founded kingdom against the combined armies of the Iron Throne and the Trident.

20170428012040_120170501194306_1Kingdom of the Reach:

Following the declaration of war against the Stormlands and the Storm King, the Reach has declared its independence from the Iron Throne. Already mired in a war, Queen Scolera could not divert forces to attack both the well-financed Reach and the Stormlands. As of now the Storm King’s War is going well for the Iron Throne, and it seems the war will soon be over, which could mean attention shifts to the Reach.

20170428012248_1Sick of the Queen:

Following Queen Scolera’s victory in the Storm King’s War and the execution of the Storm King himself, there is more unrest in Westeros. War has been declared against the Iron throne as Prince Dickon of Dorne and Lady Paramount Alannis of the Riverlands declare war against the Tyranny of the Queen.

20170428014512_1A son is born in Harrenhal:

A song was born to Lord Ender II and Lady Morya in Harrenhal. Elwood Bloodbranch is his name and he is now the heir of the Bloodbranch dynasty. Though he does not share his father’s High Valyrian appearance, he will undoubtedly share his ability to rule.

20170501195256_1The War of Queens:

Lady Scolera of the Iron Throne once again is at war. The North has declared its independence from the Iron Throne. Queen Barbara of the North leads her people to another war of independence from the Iron Throne, despite another attempt failing just a few years ago. Once again Queen Scolera is fighting to keep her Kingdom, minus the Reach, in one piece.

20170501195318_1An Unlikely Alliance:

Prince Dickon of Dorne and Lady Alannis of the Trident stand alone in their rebellion from the Iron Throne. Both rulers will be shocked to learn of an unlikely alliance between the Kingdom of the Reach and the Iron Throne. Queen Scolera of the Iron Throne and Queen Malessa of the Reach have joined forces along with the Vale in order to bolster the defence of the Iron Throne and give Queen Scolera the ability to send more troops to the North to fight the Northern war as well. It is believed that in return the Iron Throne has recognised the Reach as an independent Kingdom.

20170501204645_1A Second Son of Harrenhal:

Despite the curse, a second son of Lord Ender II and Lady Morya has been born in Harrenhal. Lord Eryn II has been born the second child of Lord Ender and solidifies the direct line of inheritance that has not been broken since Ender I. Now should Lord Elwood die in battle, or pass from illness, Lord Eryn would become the Lord of Harrenhal and pass on the inheritance of its lands and titles.

20170501205724_1The North Kneels Again:

The Northern war for independence is over. Queen Scolera of the Iron Throne has won the war. The North has once again failed to become independent from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. However, House Stark has been permitted to remain the Lords/Ladies Paramount of the North so long as Lady Paramount Barbara joins forces with the Iron Throne in their war against the rebellions in Dorne and the Riverlands. After much debate, House Stark has decided to accept this offer and join forces with the Iron Throne.

20170501210737_1Queen Scolera the Great:

Through political manoeuvring and a series of wars, Queen Scolera has managed to keep her kingdom, with the exception of the Reach, intact. She has defeated the Dornish and Riverlander rebellions and installed a new Lord Paramount in the Trident. Lord Randyll Middlebury has been given the Lord Paramouncy of the Trident after Lady Alannis was imprisoned by the Iron Throne.

20170501211500_1Lord Elwood of Harrenhal Marries:

Lord Elwood of Harrenhal, heir to Harrenhal and Acorn’s Ridge, has married Lanna Drox in an opulent ceremony in Harrenhal. Lord Elwood, who at age 14 has shown a talent for swordplay and battlefield strategy has gained a wife who will hopefully soon be pregnant with a child.

20170501213211_1The End of an Era:

Lord Ender II of Harrenhal has died at the age of 39. Though not especially old, he lasted a long time in a cursed castle, as the head of a cursed family, in a time of war in Westeros. His firstborn son, Lord Elwood Bloodbranch has become Lord of Harrenhal, but is floundering under the stress of lordship. It is believed he has trouble sleeping and eating due to his stress. Despite this, he still maintains his reputation for being one of the best military minds in Westeros as well as being one of the most formidable fighters the world has seen. Should he recover from his stress, Lord Elwood will be a force on Westerosi battlefields for decades to come.














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