AAR – A House of Blood Chapter 7: Wartime in Westeros


Chapter 7: Wartime in Westeros

20170413150745_1Rebellion in Westeros:

Another rebellion has sprung up in Westeros as the Vale pushes Lord Manfred Baratheon’s claim to the Iron Throne. The Valemen are supported by the Lannisters who have raised their armies in the west, in addition to other minor lords. The Throne is supported by Dorne and the Riverlands. The war will be interesting as it seems should the Rebels attack quickly and destroy the Riverlander armies, the Iron Throne will be on its own until the Dronish armies arrive from the South.

20170413152536_1The War Ends:

Before the end of the year the Rebellion ends as the Iron Throne and the Riverlands crushed the rebellion with the aid of Dorne. As a consequence of their disloyalty, House Lannister has had their Lord Paramouncy revoked and in return for loyalty to the Iron Throne House Drox has inherited the title Lords Paramount of the Westerlands.

20170413152841_1Lady Erika II Marries:

A Marriage has happened in Harrenhal as a quiet service was performed in the great hall of the castle. Lady Erika has married and will surely hope that her bloodline will soon be established as a mighty House of not only the Riverlands, but of Westeros as a whole.

20170413153144_1Tragedy for the Council of Harrenhal:

During the restoration of the Castle, the Treasurer of Harrenhal has been killed by falling debris from the castle’s towers. There are rumblings that this is a result of the curse, and that the ghosts of Harren and his family do not approve of the restoration being done to his castle. Nevertheless, Lady Erika II has sent money to the next of kin in order to thank them for the service their father and husband provided House Bloodbranch.

20170413153502_1Treachery from the Westerlands:

Following their ascension to Lord Paramounts, House Drox has declared war against the very King who bequeathed the title to them. The Westerlands, the Iron Islands and the Reach are all going to war against the Iron Throne and Dorne in order to press Ser Aelor Baratheon’s claim to the Iron Throne. So far King Robert II has snuffed out one revolt, however, it seems the balance of power does not favour the King as three of his Seven Kingdoms oppose him, and only one comes to his aid.

20170413153616_1The Trident Joins the Fray:

In the months following the declaration of War, the Trident has joined forces with the Rebellion against King Robert II. It is not clear why the Riverlands have decided to join the war supporting the rebellion as they have supported the throne for decades ever since the Fools’ Rebellion ended and Tully control of the Riverlands ceased. That being said, the war is close, and though the tide of the war still benefits the Iron Throne, recent victories in battle by the Rebels suggest the war may be turning a corner with the new agreement between the rebels and the Trident.

20170413154342_1Another Treasurer Dies:

Another Lord Treasurer of Harrenhal has been killed by falling debris. Once again murmurings of the curse trickle through the halls of the castle and into the town. It is truly a tragedy, and once again Lady Erika II has sent coin to the next of kin.

20170413154845_1Another Ender:

Ender Bloodbranch II has been born in Harrenhal to Lady Erika II “The Merciless”. He is the first born of Lady Erika and will be named heir to the Bloodbranch dynasty. He is a healthy child, and with luck, he will remain so until he is of age. He has his mother’s hair colour and eyes as Lady Erika II passes on her High Valyrian heritage.

20170413160514_1Peace in Westeros:

A White Peace has been agreed upon by the Rebels and the Iron throne. Following four years of war and no clear victor, both sides agreed to return to the state of the Kingdom before the war broke out. King Robert II remains ruler of Westeros and each Lord Paramount keeps their title.

20170413160819_1A Short Lived Peace:

Despite the end to hostilities for the South, the North has declared war on the Iron Throne. Lord Paramount Hugo wishes to conquer the Iron Throne and install himself, and House Stark as the new Royal House. This is surprising as House Baratheon and House Stark have been considered by most to be close allies since the days of Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon I. The North is supported by the Iron Islands and the Iron Throne is supported by the Riverlands and minor lords.

20170413161337_120170413161413_120170413162118_1The Dancing Crown:

The Crown of the Iron Throne has danced across many brows in the past year. Following the suspicious death of King Robert II, Queen Elinor Baratheon was declared the first Queen of the Iron Throne. However, a few months into her rule she was usurped by her sister, and Queen Lysa Baratheon became the Second Queen of the Iron Throne. May her reign be blessed.

20170428003013_1The North Kneels:

The North has lost its war for the Iron Throne as Queen Lysa “The Accursed” has stamped out the North’s will to fight. Though she did not execute Lord Paramount Hugo, nor did she revoke his title, he remains in hiding fearful for his life as Queen Lysa’s spies and assassins are subtle and could strike at any moment.

20170428003400_1Another Royal Death, Another Queen:

Following the death of Queen Lysa “the Accursed” another sister has become Queen of the Iron Throne. This time Queen Scolera sits upon the Iron Throne and rules the Seven Kingdoms. May her reign be blessed.

20170428003437_1News From the Riverlands:

The province of Shoreham has been returned to the rule of Lady Erika II. Following the deaths of her predecessors, Shoreham was taken on as a direct vassal of Lady Paramount Alannis. Lady Erika II sought to have the province returned to the rule of House Bloodbranch and Lady Alannis agreed, graciously returning a vassal to House Bloodbranch.

20170428004047_1Once Again, War:

Following the death of Queen Lysa, Lord Paramount Hugo Stark has declared his war for Northern Independence against the Iron Throne. For the moment, none of the other Seven Kingdoms have raised their armies against House Stark, but the Iron Throne is marching to try and submit the North to crown rule.

20170428005513_1Lord Ender II:

Lady Erika II “the Merciless” has died of stress in Harrenhal. Though she ruled for nearly three decades, her rule did not live up to the expectations that were set to her as the female heads of the House. Her female predecessors had all done things to ensure the expansion of House Bloodbranch while she simply maintained their status in the Riverlands. She passes on her Lordship to her son and only child, Ender Bloodbranch II. May his reign be blessed.




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