AAR – White Russians Bleed Red {Ch.8}

White Russians

Chapter 8 – Kicking the Tsar’s Enemies in the Teeth


All along the frontlines Operation Shutit’s guns ring out, destroying Finnish positions and overturning tanks, unearthing bunkers for the tanks, and vaporizing infantrymen.


In Iraq, the 6th and 9th Corps under Pliyev’s masterful plan close in on two embattled Iraqi divisions, pushing the initiative as they close in to relieve pressure off of the 6 Russia divisions on the Southern Russo-Iraqi border.


Spearheading the charge the 62nd Infantry Division moves to relieve the 2nd and 3rd Armored Divisions currently fighting their way out of a closing pocket, surrounded by Iraqi troops.


SoldiersĀ of the 64th Infantry Division man a trench along the closing Armored Pocket of South Iraq, 5th of October, 1940.


The 1st Corps desperately pushes up from Leningrad to break into Finland.


The 1st and 4th Corps along the Northern Sectors engage exhausted Finnish divisions.


In Iraq, the push for Baghdad is on, as General Pliyev’s plan comes to a resounding new crescendo. The 6th Corps has pushed and created a salient which the Iraqi Army is having trouble collapsing, and in their retreat the Armored Divisions of the 9th Corps manage to prevent them from returning to Baghdad to defend the nation’s capital.


Finally, several of the Tsar’s newest Land Pattern divisions take the lead, and manage to make a clean break from the engagements around Leningrad, pushing quickly along the coast towards vital Finnish industrial centers.


Elsewhere on the Finnish front, the 1st Corps with all 32 divisions has the Finns on the run.


Assigned by General Tchekoslo to hold the penetration open, the 125th, 126th, and 127th Infantry Divisions move to expand the gains made by their push into the Finnish homeland and turn it into a growing front. As well, plans are laid for them to help encircle the Fins outside Leningrad.


A massive drive by 20 divisions of the 7th Corps moves to completely dislodge the Finnish Army from the country’s North.


The situation in Iraq for the Iraqis worsens every hour as the Imperial Army gains vasts swaths of land as the march to Baghdad continues.


The 10th and 11th Infantry Divisions move to close in on vital Iraqi port centers and facilities in the nations’ Southern regions.





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