AAR-A House of Blood Chapter 6: A House Shattered


Chapter 6: A House Shattered

20170410235941_1A Marriage in Harrenhal:

The heir of Lady Elyssa has been married. Eryn Bloodbranch and Jeyne Sarsfield have been married in Harrenhal in an eloquent ceremony. Lady Elyssa surely hopes the marriage will be consummated so as to produce a direct heir to the dynasty. While the three sisters of Harrenhal Elyssa, Erika and Elle have all produced children, the direct line of descendant heirs from Ender the First still remains in jeopardy.

20170411122708_1Greyjoys Rule Pyke Again:

Following the death of Lady Larra Butler, the lordship of Pyke returns to the Greyjoy family for the first time following their rebellion against the throne generations ago. The King has seen fit to return one of his seven Kingdoms to the Greyjoys in hopes they remain loyal to the Iron Throne.

20170411124302_1Lady Elyssa the Feared:

While rebuilding the castle of Harrenhal, Lady Elyssa was approached by one of her prisoners who claimed that the castle could not be rebuilt properly and the curse could not be lifted since the builders were not mixing blood into the mortar of the castle as Lord Harren did when he built the castle. Upon hearing this boastful prisoner, Lady Elyssa decided to kill the prisoner and his family, and mix their blood into the mortar. Clearly Lady Elyssa will do anything to lift the curse that plagues her family.

20170412152417_1The Death of a Leader:

Lady Elyssa Bloodbranch has died, leaving behind her first born son Lord Eryn to inherit the dynasty and the lordship of Harrenhal and Acorn’s Ridge. Lady Elyssa leaves the repairs of Harrenhal unfinished, hopefully to be rebuilt by Lord Eryn. The lands of Harrenhal will be ruled by Lord Eryn Bloodbranch who already has a son Elys Bloodbranch to inherit the Bloodbranch dynasty. May his reign be blessed.

20170412153215_120170412153844_1Lord Eryn Dies!

Lord Eryn Bloodbranch has died after a mere 6 months as the head of the Bloodbranch dynasty. He leaves behind his only son, Elys Bloodbranch to rule Harrenhal and the dynasty at 10 years old. If Lord Elys would die, Luke Bloodbranch would become the new Lord of Harrenhal. It seems the Bloodbranch leaders are falling like flies. May his reign be blessed.

20170412160445_1The Riverlands and the Vale at War:

The Trident and the Vale are at war! Lady Paramount Freya and Lord Paramount Mathos are fighting over a claim for Turnbridge. It is unclear who will win the war, but the young Lord Elys, who is still subject to his regent’s wishes, has not raised his levies in response to his liege’s commands.

20170412162510_1A Bloodbranch Pregnancy:

Following Lord Elys’ marriage to lady Alearys Sarsfield, Lady Alearys has become pregnant with a child of Lord Elys. Should this child be a boy, it will be the first time in Bloodbranch history that there have been 3 straight male heirs of Harrenhal. Should the child be female and no male heirs are born, it also likely bears good news to the Bloodbranch family as the female leaders of House Bloodbranch are known both for their success and their ruthlessness.


The Bloodbranch family was beset by three tragedies in recent years. The Lady Alearys had become pregnant 3 times, each time the child either was stillborn or died sickly as an infant. The children were all female and given the names: Darianne, Elyssa and Carene. None of the children survived. However, recently, the Bloodbranch family has announced the birth of a fourth daughter, a daughter who has survived her infancy. Erika Bloodbranch II will live and has become the heir of Harrenhal.

20170412164704_120170412165415_1Reclaiming What was Lost:

Prior to the deaths of his infant daughters, Lord Elys Bloodbranch retook the province of Atranta through force as it had become separate from the Harrenlands following the death of his mother. Through battle Lord Elys reclaimed what was rightfully his, the vassalage of Atranta. Following the seizure of Atranta the lords of Acorn’s Ridge gave Lord Elys an ultimatum in which he was to either give up his claim to the High Lordship of Acorn’s Ridge, or he was to be defeated in battle. Through deft battle tactics and smart manoeuvring, Lord Elys won the war, and remained the duel lord of Harrenhal and Acorn’s Ridge.

20170413004601_1King Humfrey Baratheon: DEAD

King Humfrey has died and now it is time for his son, King Robert Baratheon II to reign as King of the Seven Kingdoms. He it is unknown what sort of King he will be, will he reign like his father, a calculated but distant king? Or will he rule like his namesake, a fearsome, though rash and improper King? We will soon find out, as rumblings of rebellion are already beginning to roll through Westerosi halls.

20170413005047_1Another Death:

Elys Bloodbranch has died. Depressed following the deaths of his first three children it is unknown whether he took his own life. One thing is for certain, the curse of Harrenhal remains in effect, taking another young lord long before his time. Lady Erika II, a baby not even a year old inherits her lordship almost immediately following her birth. She will have a regent until she is of age. It is unknown whether the child will even survive infancy, much less be capable of rule. May her reign be blessed.

20170413010402_1The Curse:

Lady Erika II has been informed that her treasurer has been killed by falling debris while attempting to repair Harrenhal. She quickly talks to her regent and decides that money should be sent to his family. Although just a child, Lady Erika seems keenly aware of the curse that has killed so many of her family members, and just may take her life before she leaves this earth. Lady Erika is quickly becoming transfixed by and obsessed with lifting the curse, she seems willing to do anything to change her families’ fortunes.



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