AAR – A House of Blood – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: The Quiet Years


A King Dies:

King Robert Baratheon, first of his name has died. He died after ruling the Seven Kingdoms for most of his life. His reign will be remembered for deposing the Mad King Aerys Targaryen and ruthlessly crushing revolt after revolt. Though he dies, King Robert leaves behind two trueborn sons and countless bastard children. His trueborn heir, Prince Lorys has taken the throne as King Lorys, may his reign be blessed.


The New King Tested:

Immediately following his coronation Lord Paramount Sigfryd of the Iron Throne has declared independence from the Iron Throne. Lord Sigfryd has become King Sigfryd and will press his claim in war against the Iron Throne. Though the Iron Islands are capable of defending themselves, every other kingdom has either decided to be neutral or has taken up arms with the Throne. It is interesting to see how the new King will act in his first taste of war as the regent. Will he be a ruthless king like his father, or a weak one trying to fill the shoes of his father?


The War Ends:

The war ends as quickly as it began, King Lorys quickly stomped out the revolt of King Sigfryd and has returned the Iron Islands to the Iron Throne. It seems the young King will maintain his Kingdom and has shown his people that he is capable of crushing revolts as quickly as his late father.


A Marriage in Harrenhal:

King Lorys Baratheon has sent a raven to Harrenhal suggesting the matrilineal marriage between Lady Elyssa Bloodbranch and Ser Maelys Targaryen. House Bloodbranch serves to gain prestige from marrying what was once a royal house, while the remaining heirs of House Targaryen can continue to live in the Seven Kingdoms. Should the marriage produce a child, the children will have both giant’s blood and High Valyrian blood.


War Knocks on Harrenhal’s Door:

The young Lady Elyssa will face her first war as the Lords of Harrenhal have attempted to usurp her claim to the throne in favour of her cousin. This will be her first attempt to quell a revolt.



The Revolt is Crushed:

Lady Elyssa has won her first war as the ruler of Harrenhal. She quickly ended the revolt and crushed her enemies. Lord Jon of Castlewood, the leader of the revolt, has been beheaded by Lady Elyssa. The young Lady took after her grandmother Erika Bloodbranch and executed the traitor herself. Raising glory to the air, the young Lady killed her first lord in the courtyard of Harrenhal.


Rebuilding Harrenhal:

Lady Elyssa Bloodbranch has amassed enough funds to repair Harrenhal, hopefully this will end the curse that has plagues her family, and the families before her, for generations and even centuries. Should Harrenhal be restored, the castle will surely become the most opulent castle in Westeros.



Lady Elyssa Bloodbranch is just as fearsome as her grandmother she has decided the traitors who raised arms against her rule will be put to work repairing the castle! A pious woman, she clearly believes the ghosts of Harrenhal roam the halls of her ruinous castle and wishes to see them exorcised from their halls with the restoration of the castle. Should she be successful she believes this will finally break the curse that has plagued her family.


A Son is Born:

Following the births of her daughters, Lady Elyssa Bloodbranch has borne a son! He is the trueborn heir to Lady Elyssa Bloodbranch and Ser Maelys Targaryen. Not only does he carry the Bloodbranch name, he also has Targaryen blood in his veins. Truly house Bloodbranch has ambition with this child.


Brother of a King:

Following nearly 31 years of rule, King Lorys Baratheon has died, lacking and trueborn heirs, King Lorys passes his kingdom to his twin brother Prince Rorge Baratheon. Now King Rorge “The Twin King”, he will sit upon the throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms with more tact and diplomacy than his less subtle brother.


Lady Elyssa Mourns:

Lord Osmynd of Wayfarer’s Rest has died. Though the population of Harrenhal was likely unaware, he was considered the closest friend and ally of Lady Elyssa. He briefly ruled as regent and took her in as his ward when she was a child. Throughout his years he was a trusted member of her council, considered a master swordsman, he was the longstanding Chief General of Harrenhal. In a small service in Wayfarer’s Rest, Lady Elyssa attended his final service quietly mourning the late lord.


Another King Dies:

King Rorge Baratheon has died and passed his Kingdom to his heir Prince Humfrey Baratheon. Now King Humfrey, he is the youngest King since King Robert Baratheon took the throne 80 years ago. How will the lords of the Seven Kingdoms react to the youngest King in 80 years? Will they test his military resolve first? Or will they try and manipulate him to their will. Only time will tell. May his reign be blessed.


Marriage in Harrenhal:

Lord Eryn Bloodbranch has married Lady Jeyne Sarsfield during a lavish ceremony in the great hall of Harrenhal. Food and Dornish wine flowed through the hall until every guest had their fill, while minstrels and acrobats amused the guests after the wedding. Following the feast, Lord Eryn and Lady Jeyne were stripped of their clothes and escorted to their bedchambers in the Westerosi tradition. It is certain that Lady Elyssa hopes for a trueborn heir as soon as possible.


Lady Elyssa the Fearless:

Following an uprising in her own territory Lady Elyssa quickly called on her bannermen and began to crush the revolt, joining the battle herself she met her enemies head on, crushing their resolve and forcing the enemy for to abandon their resolve and flee in fear. The uprising ended that day on the battlefield as Lady Elyssa’s subjects learnt not to face their liege in the field of battle.


Lady Elyssa Bloodbranch: Grandmother

Lady Elyssa has become a grandmother. Her daughter Emma Bloodbranch “The Dwarf” has given birth to another dwarf but otherwise healthy child which she has named Theo Bloodbranch. This is the first grandchild of Lady Elyssa. Under her reign her sisters Ella and Erika have also produced Bloodbranch children, meaning as of now the Bloodbranch family is as secure in its rule of Harrenhal as it has ever been, with many potential heirs from across the family.



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