AAR – A House of Blood {Ch.4}

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Chapter 4 – The Expansion



The Incapable Lord:

News from Riverrun, Lord Paramount Steffon of the Trident, the son of Lord Paramount Edmure II “the Fool” has been declared incapable by his regent, Lord Petyr Baelish. Lord Petyr Baelish will assume control of his duties while Lord Steffon recovers, or produces and heir which can rule in his stead.


Rebellion in the Seven Kingdoms:

Once again, war erupts in the Seven Kingdoms as another claim on the Iron Throne is pressed. Lady Daenerys Targaryen is pressing her claim on the Iron Throne with Lord Paramount Mace Tyrell of the Reach and Lord Paramount Renly of the Stormlands. King Robert defends his Kingdom alongside Lord Paramount Eddard Stark, and the Lords of the Kingslands.


The Harrenhal Curse:

Once again Lady Erika Bloodbranch is a widow, her husband Lord Jorin has died in a tragic jousting accident. The curse of Harrenhal takes another victim as once again, House Bloodbranch’s future rests on the survival of young Ender II.


A Marriage in Harrenhal:

Now that he is of age, Lord Ender Bloodbranch II is marrying Lady Perianne in Harrenhal. The partners were treated to a lavish wedding prepared by Lady Erika, and they will retreat to their bedchambers, in hopes of both consummating their marriage and also providing another heir to the Bloodbranch household.


War Rages on:

In other news, the Targaryen Rebellion rages on, and the tides seem to be turning towards King Robert. Prince Doran of Dorne has recently given his support to the Fat King, along with many other lesser lords. While the war rages on many in the nobility fear what another Targaryen dynasty may do to the Seven Kingdoms, while others fear what a continued Baratheon rule might mean.


Instability in the Riverlands Continues:

Lady Erika Bloodbranch is pressing her claims on the High Lordship of Acorn Ridge. She has taken up arms against Lord Marq II in an attempt to expand her House’s power across the Riverlands and into the Stoney Sept which is currently under Westerlander control.


The Blood Traitor:

Lady Erika Bloodbranch has been declared a traitor by Lord Paramount Steffon for disobeying his command and refusing to cease her war for command of Acorn’s Ridge. It seems unlikely that the incapable lord has the power to raise his troops against Lady Erika, and it seems that this was part of her plan, instead of returning her troops to Harrenhal, she marches west, to what she hopes will soon be her domain.


Bloodbranch Victory!

Lady Erika Bloodbranch has won her war for the control of the High Lordship of Acorn’s Ridge. In the few battles she fought in she got her sword Glory wet with the taste of blood. Ser Robin Piper was slain in the Battle of Castlewood by the fearsome Lady herself as her and her troops carved their way through the opposing force like a Ham. Now firmly in control of Acorn’s Ridge, Lady Erika declares herself High Lord of both Harrenhal and Acorn’s Ridge, only to find out, a territory normally part of that domain, remains under Westerland control: The Stoney Sept.


The Stoney Sept Falls:

Ser Lancel of the Stoney Sept has fallen to the Fearsome Lady Erika Bloodbranch. This is presumably the last portion of her wars which see the High Lordship of Acorn’s Ridge fall under her thumb. Lady Erika is now the High Lord of Harrenhal and Acorn’s Ridge.


Lady Erika Bloodbranch the Fearsome Dies:

Lady Erika Bloodbranch’s reign of terror has come to an end. Following her conquering Acorn’s Ridge, she was imprisoned by Lord Paramount Steffon “the Invalid”. She was given the worst treatment, sent to the darkest dungeons given the worst food and the Lords of the Riverlands prayed for her death. They were given this mercy as she died, passing on her domain which she so ruthlessly claimed to her only heir, her son, Lord Ender Bloodbranch II. The ceremony was held in Harrenhal, as he gripped the hilt of his new sword Glory, raised it to the sky, and shouted the House motto: “Death is King!” May his reign be blessed.


A New Heir:

Quickly following his ascension and his mother’s death, it was announced that Lady Perianne was pregnant an about to give birth to Lord Ender II’s first child. Today she did, and the child is a girl, named Lady Elyssa Bloodbranch the first of her name. She is Lord Ender II’s sole heir at the moment, but it is doubtful Lord Ender will be happy with one child, especially with the Curse of Harrenhal.


New Children in Harrenhal:

Lady Perianne has given birth to another two Bloodbranch daughters. The first named Ella Bloodbranch. She will be the second heir of Lord Ender II. The Second is Lady Erika Bloodbranch II, named certainly in remembrance of her grandmother the fearsome Lady Erika Bloodbranch. Truly this is a prosperous time for House Bloodbranch as there are now three heirs, three sisters of Harrenhal.


Tragedy in Harrenhal…Again:

Once again a ruler of Harrenhal has died. Lord Ender II of Harrenhal has died at the young age of 24. He died after a period of illness infirm and in bed. Word is that on his death bed he called Lady Elyssa into his chamber to pass on the sword Glory to his daughter. Only, 3 years old, Lady Elyssa could not hold the sword, she merely touched the hilt and whispered for the first time, through tears as she watched her father pass “Death is King”. The House of Bloodbranch is once again without a male head, but if history is to be concerned, it is the women of House Bloodbranch that have done the great things. Lady Elyssa will have a regent until she is of age. May her reign be blessed.



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