AAR – A House of Blood {Ch.3}

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Chapter 3 – Erika the Fearsome


A Foolish Rebellion:

The Fools’ Rebellion is over nearly as quickly as it began. Lord Balon Greyjoy and Lord Paramount Edmure Tully II “The Fool” have lost to the might of the Iron Throne. It is expected that Lord Edmure II will be executed for his repeated attempts at usurping the throne and his inability to keep the peace not only in his own kingdom, but in all 7 kingdoms. The Fool Lord will answer for his foolish deeds. For the Iron Throne, it has been announced that Lord Balon Greyjoy will have his title as Lord Paramount revoked and demoted to a lower lord. King Robert, well known for his hatred of rebellions has stomped another one from his lands.


More Unrest in the Riverlands:

Perhaps in an attempt to re-consolidate his power before his execution, Lord Paramount Edmure Tully II “the Fool” has launched a counter attack against the Lannister occupation of the Stoney Sept. It is a massive battle. The Lannister Army of 12,000 strong is besieged by the Riverlander Army of 13,000. The battle seems to be turning towards the Riverlanders, but it remains to be seen if they can win the battle before 5,000 Lannister troops arrive to reinforce the defending army.


The Stoney Sept:

The Second War for the Stoney Sept is over, and Lord Paramount Tyrion “the Imp” remains victorious. Lord Paramount Edmure II “the Fool” has failed to reconsolidate his kingdom before his death.


A Royal Scandal:

Kingslanding has seen its share of scandals over the ages, however, another one has rocked the Royal House Baratheon. Queen Cersei “the Wild Lion” has been imprisoned by none other than her husband! No word on the reason, but one must wonder whether the paranoia of repeated rebellions from both his vassals and his brother Renly, might have begun to seep into the head of the King.


A Marriage Amongst Ruins:

Lady Erika Bloodbranch is getting married to her betrothed. Now that she is of a proper age for marriage she will soon be pregnant, in order to ensure House Bloodbranch does not fail. The curse of Harrenhal has done a number on the inheritance of House Bloodbranch, as ghosts stock the halls of Harrenhal castle in the night, stalking the living. Rumours tell of Lady Erika’s night terrors and fear of her own hallways in the night. Word says she has turned to religion to help banish the spirits from her ruinous castle.


Happy Days:

Lady Erika Bloodbranch is of child once again. Swiftly following her marriage she gave birth to Ender Bloodbranch II a boy with Dornish complexion. But once again she is pregnant with child. Perhaps the prayers of Lady Erika have been heard and heeded by the Seven.


The Ghosts of Harrenhal Strike Again:

Once again the ghosts of Harrenhal strike against the lords and ladys that rule their living lands. Esther Bloodbranch has died stillborn, leaving the Lady Erika Bloodbranch both devastated and without an heir. Word is she is turning more and more zealous in an attempt to atone for her sins and guarantee the survival of her House.


Lady Erika the Tragic?

Just once it is thought things could not get worse for House Bloodbranch, Lord Vaith has died after a period of illness leaving Lady Erika widowed. Now all that remains of House Bloodbranch are Lady Erika herself, and the little Lord Ender II.


Another Bloodbranch Marriage:

Lady Erika Bloodbranch has quickly married following her husband Theodan Vaith’s death. Her new Husband is Ser Jorin Vance, the fighter known or his swordsmanship. The question is can Ser Jorin impregnate Lady Erika and give more heirs to the family tree of Bloodbranch.


The Fool Lord is Dead:

Lord Paramount Edmure II “the Fool” has taken his last breath with rope around his throat. He was hanged by King Robert and his Son Lord Paramount Steffon has taken control of the Riverlands and the young age of 12. For now, his regent, Lord Petyr Baelish will rule the Riverlands in his stead.


A New Valyrian Blade:

Lady Erika Bloodbranch has re-forged her Valyrian steel blade into the sword Glory. Lady Erika’s Valyrian sword had been kept highly secret from the world until she could re-forge the crooked blade and broken hilt into a blade worth a name. It has allegedly been passed down since before the establishment of House Bloodbranch. Glory will be passed down to each heir of House Bloodbranch and Harrenhal. The blade is described as ornate in design. An opulent golden hilt shines with an inlay of gemstones which glisten in the light. Along the blade reads the motto of House Bloodbranch: Death is King. Fitting for a blade that will surely see its share of battles.


A Rebellion in the Harrenlands:

The Harrenlands are seeing their first Rebellion as the Esgarothi province seeks to remove itself from the rule of the Bloodbranches. Word is the Esgarothi’s see House Bloodbranch as weak and incapable of ruling the Harrenlands. It seems they are willing to test the mettle of Lady Erika and her new Valyrian blade, Glory. Let the battles begin, Death is King.


The Battle of Shoreham:

The Battle of Shoreham is underway in the Harrenlands, and House Bloodbranch has met the rebels in the field of battle. Their force of nearly 4,000 men has engaged the Rebels who have amassed just over 2,500 troops.


Shoreham and Beyond:

Lady Erika Bloodbranch has emerged from the battle of Shoreham victorious. She has marched on and besieged the capital of Esgaroth. She has claimed victory at the siege and imprisoned the traitors. This is an impressive victory as Lady Erika not only has shown a penchant for military might, but also shown herself to be effective at stamping out those who seek to dethrone her. Word is she marched into the Keep of Esgaroth herself, with Glory in her hands, and seized the Butterwell family, to be shackled and enchained in the dungeons of the haunted castle itself: Harrehal.


The Consolidation of Power:

Lord Beran Butterwell has been executed by Lady Erika Bloodbranch in the courtyard of Harrenhal. She herself executed Lord Beran with her sword Glory. It was a gloomy day, she leant down and whispered into the ear of Lord Beran before she raised her sword to the sky, its glittering hilt shone briefly before burying itself in the earth below the neck of the traitor. Lady Bloodbranch stood up, blood on her boots, and looked to the crowd and uttered “Death is King” before turning around and walking into her keep with blood dripping from her ornate blade, while the head of Lord Beran was left rocking back and forth on the ground.


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