AAR – A House of Blood {Ch.2}

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Chapter 2 – The Years of Rebellion


The Iron Rebellion

War has once again burst onto the scene in Westeros. The Iron Born are pushing Prince Viserys’ claim to the Iron Throne. They are supported by mostly minor lords, but surprisingly, Lord Paramount Edmure Tully II and Prince Dorian of Dorne have joined forces with the Iron Born in an effort to remove King Robert. Meanwhile the lords of the five other Kingdoms have supported the throne, leaving many to wonder how long the war could possibly last.

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The Disobedience of Harrenhal

News from the Riverlands, following a plea from Lord Edmure II, House Bloodbranch and Lady Erika have refused a call to arms in favour of the rebel cause, preferring to remain neutral in this war. This defiance of her lord will surely put stress on the fraying relationship between Houses Tully and Bloodbranch. This, the first major decision taken by the young lady Erika, may set a precedent for the future of the relationship between the Bloodbranch family and the Tully’s. One thing is for certain, the Lords of the Riverlands are tired of fighting, first Robert’s Rebellion, then the Frey revolt, and now the Iron Rebellion has clearly weighed heavy on the conscience of the lords, who are for the most part, unwilling to send their sons and subjects to die once more.


A Westerland Invasion

Lord Paramount Tywin Lannister has invaded the Riverlands, pressing the Westerlander claim on the lordship of Stoney Sept. Tywin the cunning, clearly sees now as his time to capitalise on a weak Riverlands, beaten down by the wars and rebellions of recent years. Should Lord Tywin win, the Westerlands will gain a new vassal and new territory from what was once the Riverlands.


Lord Paramount Harlaw

King Robert has seen fit to remove the Greyjoy’s from the seat of power in the Iron Islands. Now, House Harlaw are the Lords Paramount of the Iron Islands with Sigfryd Harlaw being the first Harlaw lord of the Iron Islands, may his reign be blessed. Meanwhile, the war for the Stoney Sept in the Riverlands seems to be leaning towards the Westerlanders. Though Lord Tywin Lannister has died of stress, his son, Tyrion Lannister “The Imp” has seized control of the Westerlands and continues his father’s war.


Harrenhal Joins the War

Lady Erika of Harrenhal has given permission for troops to march to the Stoney Sept in an attempt to turn the tides of the war. House Bloodbranch has continued its pattern of joining wars later, rather than making a decision at the beginning. Though House Tully and Lord Paramount Edmure II must be pleased with the decision of House Bloodbranch, they must resent the time it took to make the decision to support their liege in their war. As of now the Harrenhal Army marches west to meet the Westerland army in the field of battle.


A Successful Invasion

Lord Paramount Tyrion the Imp is now the lord of the Stoney Sept. Despite the late efforts of House Bloodbranch, the war is over and the lordship of Stoney Sept lies in the hands of the Westerlands. Now word on whether the Riverlands will attempt to retake the lads, but it seems that peace will reign supreme for the moment. In other news, the early reign of Lord Paramount Edmure II has been marred with failures. Following his father’s death in the final days of the Frey revolt, Lord Paramount Edmure II has led his people to two consecutive losses in wars: The Iron Rebellion and the Westerland Invasion. Surely, his subjects are beginning to question his leadership. One shudders to think of another Riverman civil war, but it may already be on the horizon.


The Westerlander Civil War

Lord Paramount Tyrion Lannister has gone into hiding as war breaks out in the Westerlands. Lord Tarbert of the Gold Road has revolted and pressed Queen Cersei’s claim on the Westerlands. Despite Lord Tyrion’s early success in the Westerlander Invasion, he has fled into hiding when his supporters need him most. The morale of his vassals must be completely shot, and it is unknown whether his men will even fight for him, since he is not willing to risk his life for them.


A Betrothal and A Marriage

Lady Erika of Harrenhal has become betrothed matrilineally to Theoden Vaith of Dorne. This marriage will likely save House Bloodbranch as all children of this marriage will have the name Bloodbranch and not Vaith. Again, House Bloodbranch plans a marriage with a giant, so as to increase the likelihood of their giant genetics be passed down to their children and grandchildren. Following the marriage it was quickly announced that Lady Erika is pregnant with child. The hope is that it is a son, so that House Bloodbranch can kick the curse of Harrenhal and become a prosperous House.


Littlefinger in the Riverlands

In other news, Lord Petyr Littlefinger has moved from the Vale to the Riverlands as he has been given a lordship ad has become a bannerman of Lord Paramount Edmure Tully. Lord Baelish is now the Lord of Red Fork. May his reign be blessed.


Another Giant of House Bloodbranch:

Lord Ender Bloodbranch the II has been born, and like his namesake before his, he is a giant. This child has been exactly what House Bloodbranch has been looking for as he is the first born son and the heir of Lady Erika “the Young”. It seems that with the new son, hope is restored to Harrenhal, and House Bloodbranch will rule Harrenhal for at least one more generation.

Upon his birth, his parent, aware of how volatile life can be, quickly arranged a betrothal for him, in order to ensure the line Bloodbranch would survive.


Lord of Fools

Lord Paramount Edmure Tully II has once again revolted against the Throne. Perhaps he sees his opportunity to depose King Robert, or perhaps the Lord is a fool, whose early success was on the coattails of his father. Whatever the case, the Riverlands is once again at war with the Iron Throne, and the lords of the Riverlands are once again asked to pick up arms in an attempt to dethrone King Robert. A Riverman can hope that the war will go differently for them this time, however, the power of the Iron Throne has not been this high since before Robert’s Rebellion, and it seems this Rebellion, is a Fool’s Rebellion.



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