AAR – A House of Blood {Ch.1}

2 thoughts on “AAR – A House of Blood {Ch.1}”

  1. Hi, this looks awesome, what game/mod combination is this? Looks like Crusader Kings, but some of the battles look like a Total War Mod.


    1. Hey, really nice to hear someone is enjoying it! Ch.1 and Ch.2 are Crusader Kings II with the Game of Thrones Mod running version (2.6.3). The Battles that we did last week were not actually part of the Game+Mod, that was just Medieval Total War vanilla. I was out due to surgery and the guys were nice enough to pick up the slack and put out something while I recovered. It isn’t part of the Crusader Kings II AGOT mod so it doesn’t actually have any saves from the game itself. We just thought it would add to the storytelling part of this series to add some Total War screenshots.
      But again, glad to hear you like it! If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!



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